About us

Brian Schurgin


In 1999 after his grandfather suffered a stroke, Brian and his family experienced firsthand the poor quality of care available. To improve his grandfather’s quality of life he felt compelled to intervene. Brian took over as primary caregiver, which really began his journey in helping others.  Brian has spent decades as a caregiver, neuromuscular therapist and educator. 

Debbie Schurgin

Director of Operations

Debbie is our Director of Operations.  She was born and raised in Michigan and has two sons. Debbie has a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Wayne State University, as well as a Law Degree from Wayne State University Law School.
Debbie has a passion for working with and helping people. Bringing care into a home can be overwhelming.  Debbie understands this, and she is committed to helping navigate this process to make it as easy as possible.  She specializes in establishing strong relationships with our families and understanding their specific care needs.  She takes great care in interviewing care givers to find just the right candidates to fit each family’s dynamics.  She then allows you to have the opportunity to meet with caregivers, and together we make sure your care giving plan is tailored to fit each individual’s needs.